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About Jeff


2023 Update

  • 2013 – 2017 Worked a few of temp jobs
    • Drove for Lyft
    • LAX migrating PCs
    • IT at Inglewood School District
    • IT at DBS bank in Los Angeles
  • 2017 veered to Las Vegas
  • Got a temp job at Nellis AFB
  • Now working a 4/10's job with DOE(!) Wha?
    • Every Friday off for podcasting
  • 2018 Bought a used Nissan Leaf (2016 model)
  • 2019 Bought a 1400 sq foot home
  • 2019 added solar panels
  • Currently plan to retire for good(ish) in about 4 years
  • Quit DOE job in April 2023, now podcasting full time (ish) and waiting for Yayoi to quit her job

What did I do in the Vroom Vroom Lane?

  • Served in the United States Air Force for 20 years
  • Lived in Japan, Hawaii, Florida, Japan (again), England, and finally Los Angeles
  • Married Yayoi when I was in Hawaii (She's from Japan)
  • Took off my uniform and worked two high-salary jobs as a DOD contractor for three years

Then when did I VEER?

  • In 2011, I quit my six-figure job (to Yayoi's dismay…but she didn't leave!)
  • Finished a Bachelors Degree in Psychology
  • Learned I really didn't want a job in Psychology
  • Went to massage school and learned about Trigger Point Therapy, Chinese Medicine, etc.
  • Worked in a SPA long enough to learn I didn't want to work in a SPA

What did I Learn on my VEER?

  • Money is important, but not the most important part of life
  • Meaning, contribution, health, fitness are more important than money or prestige
  • Mindfulness is a daily practice
  • A life worth living means something different to everyone
  • There are universal themes and lessons in life on The Road Differently Traveled™

What are some of these Universal Themes?

  • There are clues that a VEER is coming…pay attention
  • Every Curse has a silver lining…remember to look for the blessing in disguise
  • When in Vroom Vroom lane, head down, working, on auto pilot — one might experience a “victory” and feel empty inside — THAT's a clue that you may need to lift your head up and start looking for your next VEER