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Amber Tariq – What is most True for Me is this Moment

Amber Tariq “I am a physician turned depth coach, focusing on high achievers, turning life from driven and ambitious to “What is most true for me, in this moment?” Which does not mean being unambitious, but asks for breaking stereotypes and culturally approved narrow definitions of success.

Amber Tariq Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

Has a great memory for most things but doesn't remember her childhood before age 12; at that age she decided she needed to be MUST BE an independent person in every way

Loved school! Really enjoyed learning and studing for exams and over-achieving in school

Always an introvert and had diffcult making friends and connecting with people; but found that once she was in a group of friends and co-worker she could be the entertainer of the group

Became an MD and practiced in Pakistan and moved to the states at age 30; did all the cerifications to practice medicine all while she was pregnanent

At some point she started to question why was she an over achiever and also realized that she was human and needed to take care of her self and her body and she might need help with that

Read 70 books in a year (doesn't everybody?) started with pop psychology and then went deeper; did a Jungian coaching certifcation

Brings her new insights of psychology and coaching to reach out to students, friends, co-workers and patients was learned how to connect with people and really she them as people7