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Brieanna Lightfoot Smith – Helping Mama’s Build a Brand/Business while raising Children

Brieanna Lightfoot Smith is a Business Coach and Brand Strategist. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, she transformed her passion for affirming teenage girls into 4 published books and turned those books into a curriculum-based program. Now she teaches other women how to get paid for their passion.

Brieanna Lightfoot Smith Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

Grew up in Arlington TX and studied journalism in college in Missouri; had published 100+ articles when she graduated

Moved to New Orleans dating her future husband; was getting offers for jobs but turned them into freelance business gigs for newsletters, websites and social media

When she left New Orleans she was married and had her first child; she was offered a fulltime job and decided to take it

She knew when it was time to quit that full time gig when she passed out in her car when pregnant with her oldest

She shut down her business in 2018 to be a full time mom and give her self some rest; restarted the business in 2021

Had to streamline her business to fit into her life as a mom and wife and stopped working with clients that took to much work

Now she primarily works helping other moms run their business and make them fit into their lives without moving towards burnout