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Bruce Schutter – Mental Health Warrior

Bruce Schutter struggled with Bipolar, Alcoholism and GAD, until he discovered mental health is the key to triumphing over any life challenge! He created the Mental Health Warrior Program, a grass roots approach to Mental Health, a journey of Self-Help and Empowerment. We teach everybody to be Mental Health Warriors.

Bruce Schutter Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

Volunteered as an EMT while in High School; used CPR on someone; when that person died; naturally Bruce fell into depression but didn't have to tools to deal with grief

Bruce leaned into trying to help people and got his EMT certification working as a volunteer; which added to an already stressful life

Bruce was feeling many unwanted emotions and didn't know how to process those feeling; so he turned to alcohol to avoid the pain

Got a job in IT, but he really struggled with the emotions related to work life, used shopping and alcohol to ease the pain and looked right from the outside

After several short stays in jail for drinking, was twice placed on a 3-day psych hold and could barely get through each day as they seemed meaningless

One day attempted suicide but survived; this was a turning point where he realized he needed help

Desperately seeking answers and relief he went to meetings, doctors, took meds, and tried everything offered but still was left without any control of my life.

He realized during this period that his Mental Health was what he need to embrace and nurture instead of avoid

He realized he feared “feeling” of his own emotions because would lose control

Bruce learned manage his emotions and becoming comfortable with them. This allowed him to stay in control of the day and take the steps needed to triumph over my life’s challenges.

Learned there are foods to avoid to improve mental health; processed foods, processed sugar, reduced carbs