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Casey and Natasha Grey – Conscious Living Podcast (BOV)


Casey and Natasha Grey co-host the Conscious Living Podcast.  Casey President of Cornelis Grey Construction – The Conscious Builder.    As a licensed carpenter and general contractor, he is making sure that proper support and systems are being put in place in order to promote conscious, more sustainable building.  Natasha is a children's book author as well as Child and Family Therapist.

Casey and Natasha Grey Vroom Veer Stories

  • Big veer when they attended a Tony Robins workshop-a literal wake-up call
  • Another big veer when their son was born – they consciously choose who they wanted to be to their son.
  • We discuss mindfulness practice, meditation and the benefits of staying present.
  • Green smoothies!  Do you like yours with bananas or avocado?
  • The good side and bad sides of cheats days, and how you still have to pay the price and suffer the hang over of junk food.
  • Drink a lot of water…and coffee.  Jeff is on Tim Ferriss' slow carb diet and uses heavy cream in his coffee…how about coconut oil?
  • We talk about movement and trying to stand instead of sit if/when you can at work.
  • Have you ever done a “media fast”?  We discuss the benefits of strategic media consumption.

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