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Chris M. King – Conceive Your Impossible and get Unstuck

Chris M. King has a history of making seemingly impossible goals a reality. And as it turns out, there is a science to this. Dubbed the “executive witch doctor,” today he is called in when individuals or professional teams have big dreams and little time.

Chris built a life on the pillars of his childhood: grief, rage, abuse, and addiction. Despite taking nine years to earn his associate’s degree and leaving his undergrad unfinished, he remarkably transformed into an NCAA hockey player within a year of learning to skate. With two failed marriages, one plagued by mental illness, he later forsook a lucrative career to become a poverty-stricken radio personality in Los Angeles.

Transitioning to marketing a hospital’s neuroscience institute without clinical expertise, Chris then shifted to a tech role, which ended in dismissal. Jobless, he spurned a secure future, opting for penniless homelessness as he ambitiously built a company from his car’s trunk—today, that very company prospers.

Unconventional as it may be, Chris’s journey defies norms. His secret? A resolute choice. Termed an “executive shaman,” “human tuning fork,” or “irritated Buddha,” Chris M. King, author of “Renegotiate Your Existence: Unlock Your Impossible Life,” facilitates transformative expeditions. He draws from spiritual psychology and learns from diverse luminaries like the Flow Research Collective, Dr. Andrew Huberman, and retired US Navy SEALs and US Army Special Forces.

Chris takes individuals and organizations beyond their perceived limits, enabling the realization of the seemingly impossible.

Chris M. King Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

His sister died at age 11 when he was 13 months old; he grew up in a family with grief, rage, abuse, and addiction and thought that was normal

Wanted to play hockey in college but was failing at community college and he didn't know how to skate; made it to the state championship anyway (and lost)

His first wife had bi-polar disorder that wasn't so bad when they got married but got abusive a couple years in

Built a business ( while homeless living out of his car and couch surfing with friends

Started turning things around after the trauma of his second marriage ending and sought help from a therapist; he saw that therapist for 3 months and was done with therapy

He was a coach whose primary clients are 20 somethings stuck on their parent's couch into school or a good job

Chris clients are women working 60-hours a week and putting themselves last on their to do list; step 1 suggest they cut back their hours to 30-hours a week


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