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Dan Angelone – Innovative Planning Partners

Dan Angelone

Dan Angelone is one of the three founders of Innovative Planning Partners, or IPP. After spending over ten years with a major broker-dealer, Dan, as well as his partners, left to start their own business. IPP is all about helping the clients. They are not your “typical” financial planners: they want to put the human back into financial planning and focus more on their client's needs and less on the dollar signs. Dan wants to help his clients achieve the lifestyle they’ve always wanted, even if they don’t make a lot of money. No matter what the client has, Dan is there to help them plan for a better future.

Dan Angelone – Vroom Veer Stories

  • Grew up in Rhode Island and lived near the beach; unfortunately he doesn't like seafood
  • Owned and operated two GM car dealerships and “feel into” selling a lot of Corvettes!; how to build a niche without really trying
  • Got into financial planner after he sold his dealerships because he wanted to really use his economics degree
  • In his business, he realized that solving the money problem is the easy part; planning for a happy retirement is more difficult
  • How the Medicaid system is screwed up to the point where a high net worth individual appears to be destitute to the system because he has no taxable income; that's a broken system
  • How to plan to have fun in retirement and keep working a little bit; ask yourself “what do I enjoy about my job?” Figure that out and keep doing that in retirement
  • Dan's greatest accomplishment is a 37 year marriage; two children and 4 grand kids that are all amazing people