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Dr. Eric Recker – Win the Now and Knock Back Burnout

Dr. Eric Recker has worn a lot of hats. As a husband, father, dentist, elite success coach, pilot, speaker, author, mountain climber, and recovering triathlete, he has pushed his life to the limit and discovered that what he was searching for wasn’t at the top of the mountain.

Today… in addition to running a thriving dental practice he loves… Eric is committed to helping people learn to #WINtheNOW and discover the life they were meant to live through his talks and coaching. As a speaker, he offers stories and strategies that equip audiences to live with hope, to have a plan, and believe that good days are ahead!

Eric, his wife Amy and their two kids proudly live in a small town in Iowa.

Dr. Eric Recker – Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

Grew up in Pella Iowa where they make Pella windows; experienced bullying in early elementary school; he was young a little husky and uncoordinated; we wasn't even allowed to play kickball at lunch recess

Made a pact with himself that he would do whatever it took to be the best at everything he did; sports; work; school everything–created his over-acheiver at a very young age.

After a trip to India, we wasn't feeling great so he asked a doctor friend for help and got some antibiotics and he felt better

He nearly died in the ER with a life-threatening E-Coli infection–a giant fart saved his life

Went through several bouts of burnout putting to much on his plate and feeling like he had to have all the answers all the time for everyone

In his head he feared being found out as a fraud; you don't know how to be a dentist or how to run a thriving business or how to win yet another triathlon

Win the now came from God for him to share with the world; when you take a loss take a note so you can later learn something from that loss




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