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Erica Duran – Minimalist Luxury

Erica DuranErica Duran's “road less traveled” involved walking out (literally) from a top corporate executive position to follow a minimalist lifestyle indulging her passion from travel.

Erica began two decades ago with little more than her laptop in her backpack. It was a bumpy ride, but she went on to build a series of highly successful online businesses. She now coaches others to create online businesses that are fully aligned with their own values and lifestyle choices. The motto that Erica lives by is “never settle!”

Erica's minimalist approach saves new and established entrepreneurs time and money by cutting straight through to essentials. She often helps new entrepreneurs to sign up paying clients even before they have a website and are still unknown. She has also developed a unique software which is helping a wide range of even unknown entrepreneurs to attract a steady flow of ideal prospects, without needing to constantly spend and sweat on advertising.

Erica Duran Vroom Veer Stories

  • Grew up in southern California (born in Riverside, and moved to Orange County), worked at Disneyland as a restaurant manager because it paid better
  • Studied Hotel Management in College worked in the hotel industry for 15 years; she was a regional manager of a large hotel chain
  • She came back from a vacation one day; and the whole office had exploded into a mess of business politics; she called her husband to ask him what to do; and he said “you should leave”; so she left
  • One of her many side hustles was a professional organizer; which was the start of her minimalist lifestyle; she helped people sell stuff online to fund future side hustles
  • She slowly over time reduced her stuff to what can fit into a Jeep; including 2 smalls dogs; 8 very nice dresses; a laptop and small box of “essentials”
  • The “luxury” component comes in because she doesn't want to live in a camper or be a vagabond; at the end of the day she wants to stay in a nice hotel or Airbnb
  • Doesn't own a home or a rent a house; stays in hotels; Airbnbs sometime she pays but many times those are paid for my clients

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