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Glen Williams – Healing Relationships and Communication post Trauma

Glen Williams is a 26 year veteran police officer/detective. He developed PTSD, many of the related negative behaviors, became divorced, and bankrupt. Three years alone in his cabin, taught him how to rebuild himself, to communicate, and he started over. He now has a good relationship, he is a published author, is in a documentary, and he travels and speaks to mostly cops about relationships and trauma. Bridging the Gaps we have created in our lives.

Glen Williams Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

Started going to college in Colorado, majored in party and had a rather low GPA; transferred to Utah to try to avoid most of the parties

Wanted to get a job in Federal Law Enforcement, but after completing the very lengthy application process was disqualified for diabetes

Decided to work in local law enforcement instead and did that for 26 years

After an trying CPR on a child having the child not make it, was lucky that his Lieutenant let him go away and process that and not worry about the report right away

Glen, like most law enforcement officers was experiencing trauma at a very high frequency; seeing a dead body became “no big deal”; it's a big deal and traumic

Not knowing about PTSD, he shut down and just used more work as an escape so he didn't have to “think” about the the trauma

Shiloh his service dog let's him know when his blood sugar is both high and low and does a better job than the glucose monitor