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Jennifer Sontag – Italian Citizenship Concierge

Jennifer Sontag, the founder of Italian Citizenship Concierge, was raised in the US but is 100% Sicilian at heart. Raised in a typical Sicilian family in the Midwest, she is passionate about the island she now calls home. An entrepreneur for over 30 years with a Ph.D. in social and behavioral sciences, she has spent her career supporting clients through life-changing experiences. Since moving to Sicily, Jennifer has focused solely on helping her clients transform their lives through Italian citizenship recognition.

Jennifer Sontag Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

  • Grew up in St. Louis which is a nice mix American cultures; made for a diverse set of worldviews and mindsets
  • Instead of spending her college money on college, Jenn convinced her parents that she could use that money to start a maternity boutique; 8 years later she sold that business to a big company
  • Went to college at age 35 and did a bachelors in social work; she had been working as a volunteer; discovered that she didn't want to do social work as a job
  • Got a Master Degree in Public Health and later a PhD; never used those for work, but did discover many transferable skills
  • Was living and working in Shanghai China and had to fly home to the states for a little brain surgery; got back to China just in time for Lockdown of 2020; thankfully that only went from Feb – May
  • Went to China with a teaching job that she never signed the contract for; had to shop for a new teaching job; 1st hired as a “Science Teacher” because she had a “Masters of Science”
  • Discovered while living in China that should could get an Italian Passport and keep her America Passport because she had a blood connection; her Dad went and found all the paperwork in St. Louis