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Kelly McCausey – Love People Make Money

Kelly McCausey

Kelly McCausey started out back in 2002, a broke single mom, she made graphics and websites for other home-based business owners.  Working hard with long hours, she soon realized she charged to little for her time and talents.  Kelly discovered smarter ways to build an income online, one that didn't sacrifice her precious time.  Today, Kelly blogs, podcasts, creates information products and runs a membership program.  Additionally, Kelly holds live events and retreats for female entrepreneurs to help them achieve their dream and grow their online business and community.

Kelly McCausey Vroom Veer Stories

  • Talked about a period of violence during her time in middle/high school; ended when she back-handed a friend based on info that turned out to be a lie
  • Dropped out of high school and went to work; spent one day working in a pickle factory; worked in an insurance office; then started a day care business
  • She closed down that business and started working in the office at her church; was a great job; but didn't pay all the bills
  • Started a desktop publishing business and build a website business; never had one desktop publishing client; but people did start asking her to build websites and do web graphics
  • Before there was podcasting Kelly did an internet radio show for work at home moms; then iTunes came along and she was suddenly a podcasting with an interested community of work at home moms
  • Veered her brand when her son grew up and left home; most of her audience stayed with her
  • What is the “Change in your Pocket” theory and how does in apply to email marketing?
  • What is Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and how can I see that as a good thing?
  • What do you mean when you encourage newcomers to be a curious enthusiast?