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Kyle Duford The Brand Leader IPA, Johnny Cash, and a Journey in Faith (BOV)

Kyle Duford is an executive specializing in crafting outstanding experiences for global brands. A former magazine editor, he also spent a bunch of his career with a focus on the fashion, outdoor and sports industries through the eCommerce and digital lens. Kyle's unique blend of design, branding, and digital best practices lends itself to creating and leading some of the foremost brands.

Kyle Duford Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

  • Grew up in Allentown PA 45 mins northwest of Philly; really poor; had no money he bolted at 18; mom made sure there were presents under the tree on Christmas
  • Went to college in Boulder CO; his whole family left home about the same time so there was no home to return to; never finished college
  • Age 23 chased a girl to Minneapolis MN; worked in a coffee shop for a while; he was over-weight and miserable in a bad relationship
  • Lost 100 pounds training for a triathlon on Catalina Island; started a magazine (American Tri); like a runner's world for triathlon; suddenly everyone was doing a triathlon
  • The magazine shook the tri world; they were bought by a competitor for not a lot of money; but he got a job out of the deal and ended up being the editor and chief
  • 1997 in cafeteria of University of Colorado there are two cute girls; he ends up engaged to the cuter one who happens to be Billy Graham's granddaughter; through weirdness and no cell phones or emails they lose each other for 21 years
  • Devastated and depressed his buddy tries to cheer him up; suggests a Johnny Cash concert; a light bulb goes on; Johnny Cash is friends with Billy Graham! Kyle has a chance
  • He gets on the bus he talks to Johnny they talk about his fiance; never gets a chance to ask for help in reconnecting; he doesn't see her again for 21 years; gets married and has 2 kids
  • After his first marriage ended he went to Hawaii to ride his bike and figure out what's next; he hears/sees the one that got away on CNN; they reconnect on Facebook and end up married with a blended family