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Laura Oldanie – Money and Lifestyle Choices for a Regenerative Future

Laura Oldanie is a green living & money coach, who helps reluctant capitalists achieve financial resilience on a climate challenged planet.

Laura is a self-employed green living and money coach living her dream life in a small Florida beach town. Laura previously lived in DC where she worked for a couple of different education non-profits. Before settling in DC She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Poland and also worked in our U.S. Embassy there by winning a State Department Fellowship after grad school. These days Laura works from home, regularly attends yoga on the beach, and rides her bike as my main form of transportation.

Laura Oldanie Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

Grew up in Flint Michigan, at age 12 she was diagnosed with scoliosis and had to wear body brace; she was already struggling to fit it

She was drawn to hang out with with the other kids who were outsiders; she made friends with several international exchange students; she was fascinated with people from other countries and cultures

Got to backpack in Europe; veered off from the group to visit a friend in France and was lucky enough to actually meet up with them without email/cell phones even though they got the train schedule mixed up

After college worked with the Peace Corps in Poland where she picked up some Polish language skills which would come in handy for her next job with a State Department Fellowship after Grad School

Loves public transportation and ended up living and working in the DC area for two different non-profits; the last job she had she loved but the travel requirement became too much

What is “Slow Money”; how to rethink how we invest our money in more regenerative ways; Laura found ways to use a self-directed IRA to invest in local farms/businesses/non-profits; make money (slowly) while being aligned with the concepts of Permaculture (theNextEgg/WeFunder)

What is an Earthship? The key points are the heating and cooling are passive (free) the water is used 4 times before it leaves the house; much better than paying almost $900 electric bill in the Las Vegas heat




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