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Lea Durante – Turn your Triggers into Glimmers

Lea Durante is a Nurse Practitioner turned Integrative Health Strategist and Coach, Lea equips women with fast and effective evidence-based tools to eliminate stress, burnout and feeling spread SO thin. After 50,000 patient encounters, she recognized the limits of traditional medicine to achieve true wellness. She pioneered innovative solutions, with cutting-edge science for sustainable and vibrant mental and physical health for her clients.

Lea Durante Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

In middle school in wine country in California she competed in doing gymnastics while riding a horse…I didn't even know that was a thing–made it to world championships in Hungary

The achievement bug stuck and she overachieved her way to the top of her clas in college and grad school

Worked as a nurse (Regestered Nurse and Nurse Practioner) in primary care; saw 30 patients everyday for about 15 each–at some point she realized patients were not getting better

This led her to question what she was doing and to start learning about person development and find new ways to help people outside the medical system

Helps people use tools quickly to change their subconscious mind–change your triggers into glimmers by listening for that voice in your head and get curious about what it tells you to do

Turns out, there’s an entire evidence base to support living authentically and aligned without excess discipline and willpower–and you don't have to spent your whole day drinking green juice and meditating

Her veer was SLOW from Family Nurse Practitioner to Integrative Health Coach as shifting identities and facing critics was a journey of mistakes, missteps before finally finding my way to innovative change work.

Looking back all the dots connect now, but it was a 5 years wandering veer that brought her to this most impactful and incredible place.

Her work now focuses on stress reduction, burnout recovery and helping others achieve the vibrant mental & physical health they desire.

She discovered fascinating tools in neuroplasticity, subconscious reprogramming and nervous system regulation that enable us to move through life with vibrant energy



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