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Linn Rivers – Childhood Trauma leads to Holistic Health

Linn Rivers is a functional health and wellness expert and educator. She teaches people all over the world how to take their health into their own hands; mind, body and spirit. With over 15 years in the holistic health field and her own arduous past, she is able to guide those who are ready, to a happier and healthier way of living.

Linn Rivers Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

Lived in El Paso Texas until she was 8 years old and then moved to New Mexico; in the middle of nowwhere with nothing to do

She has zero happy memories from childhood, she lived in constant fear of everything

When she was a baby in love was expressed to her from a place of fear and panic from her parents trying to keep her alive; she experienced “love” as fear

Growing the word love was a fear casuing word; she didn't like people telling her they loved her and she refused to say it to others

Her mother died of cancer when she was 15 years old; she told her mother she loved her and her mother died immediately after she said the word; Linn knew she had killed her mother with that word

Her father suffered greatly with health issues and addiction to alchohol; Linn now sees that he did his best with the hand he had been dealt

Experienced many near death experienced and learned that she was creating her own reality and reapting lessons from her own past

Had been sick and depressed her whole life so at age 18 started researhing and holisitic health and working with the body

Discovered that most health issues (including mental/emotion health) somehow relate to an issue with your personal microbiome; if you feed the microbiome you feed the body what it needs



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