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Lynn Mull – From Wallstreet to Holistic Coach

Lynn Mull offers Clarity through Reiki healing sessions, and Holistic Career Coaching and Facilitating Teams to professional wellness. I use various tools and methods to speak, write, and provide 1.1 counsel to move out of the stuck into the actions that help you or your teams reach their goals.

She found her way because she had to create it. As a working parent and a sandwich caregiver in her early 30s, Lynn understands the pressures to keep going, provide for my family and prioritize everyone else’s wellbeing.

Lynn looked in many corners and could not find one coach to break into her inner blockages and move her career until Reiki and a Career Coach got me there. We can be all the things to everyone, but first, we must get aligned and intuitively move forward on our own.

Lynn Mull Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

Studied econ in college and played volleyball until injury took her out of the game–learned great lessons about commitment to excellence, teamwork and leadership

Her dad was “obsessed” with teaching her about money; taught her how to invest in stocks when she was still a kid

Interned at General Electric and then worked there as well; got into internal audit with sig sigma; found the value of clarity from leadership; everyone knew their job and what GE wanted them to do

Moved to San Francisco and worked at several banks staring in internal audit and then getting into mergers

Moved to New York city to be closer to family and help take care of her mother who was in a health crisis; the last straw was when her boss (Sue) was murdered by her husband–five years later she was able to step away from that world

Yoga let to personal development books, which led to learning Reiki which led to Yoga teacher training which also led to career coaching


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