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Phil Newton – UnHustle: The Art of Doing Less While Earning More (BOV)

Phil Newton takes that overworked, underpaid person and helps them to move to a stage of being unHustled. Phil works with clients to free up their time, focus their offer, find their most fabulous clients and facilitate a world-class experience for their clients. In essence, he helps people earn more while working less. As the owner of an investment company, Phil knows what it means to work himself to death, and why it’s so important to find a way to work smarter and enjoy life more. He’s put together a system to help business owners and high performers hone in on their zone of genius, work smart and make more money. He’ll share insight with audiences, offer ideas and advice, and generally engage your listeners. His story of working himself into his deathbed – quite literally – will resonate with listeners. Then they’ll walk away with hope and tips to unHustle.

Phil Newton Vroom Veer Stories

  • Wasn't always in the “unhustled” zone; what it was like working in an unhealthy stressful job?
  • His parents told him “Yes, you can get can a new fishing rod, you will have to earn money to buy it; so he did
  • Lessons from Phil's deathbed; when the the priest asked him if he wanted his last rights he was offended and angry; which helped him decide to get better and change his life
  • His boss told him there was NOT a job to come back to on his “death bed”; again Phil was angry; he wanted the satisfaction of quitting that job!
  • Learned he already knew how to use investment strategies like options to make money from home on the internet; during his recovery he went all in on honing those skills
  • Suddenly, other people were asking how he made money with investments; turns out people were willing to pay him for the answers as well
  • Now, Phil doesn't need to work with anyone he doesn't really like; he has a dickhead filter that he uses to weed out folks that misbehave

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