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Wendy Wright – Shift your Money Mindset

Wendy Wright is a Financial Therapist known for her expertise in merging psychology and finance. With credentials as a licensed therapist, money coach, author, and business owner, Wendy is a trailblazer in her field. Leveraging her diverse background as a former mortgage loan officer, business proprietor, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she pioneers transformative financial therapy and money consulting. Wendy’s approach helps clients overcome psychological barriers impeding financial growth.

As CEO of Financial Therapy Solutions, LLC, based in Denver, CO, Wendy offers virtual services in the US and internationally. Her impactful teachings shed light on the fusion of psychology and finance, guiding individuals toward financial clarity and empowerment. She is the author and creator behind the transformative Money Mindset Shift©, a program designed to foster healthier relationships with money. Wendy’s contributions mark her as a visionary bridging the gap between emotional well-being and fiscal success.

Wendy Wright Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

Wendy started her career on the business marketing and mortgage side of life before she got into therapy

Why we make a financial plan instead of a budget; budget is a loaded term that carries shame/blame/guilt

Journaling is key to start hearing your internal dialog about money; write it down when you start talking to yourself about money

Some people come from a culture that says all debt is bad; you might say to yourself; I'm a bad person if I have a mortgage

Another way to think about paying taxes is that you are contriuting to the common good; my taxes helped to pay for this freeway…I love this freeway!

Why you should not pay down your debt until you make a plan to and learn how to break your debt cycle

If you get a big chunk of money you probably want to get some help with that–you may need a team of people to help you deal with a Lotto win

Before you talk to your loved ones about money ideas; spend some time journaling and listening to your money self talk first


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